The guesthouse if it lives in Tokyo. "TenShiba Flat" is a guesthouse in Tokyo.

Open commemoration. Now it is 27,000 yen for the first one month. Welcome.

Open price. TenShiba Flat is a guesthouse in Tokyo. 27,000 yen a month

Opening price! 27,000 yen for the first month (30days)!!!
*First time only (it won't be applied after the first time)

Regular price is 36,000 yen/month (30days). Note that we only accept long term(at least one month) guests. We can not charge you daily or weekly basis for the first month.

We require 10,000yen deposit.

The rooms are dormitory style only. No private room is available.

There is a common PC in the living room. There is Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) access in the building as well.

You can cook at the kitchen and eat at the big comfortable living room.

There are both Japanese and foreign guests. Working holiday makers, international students, Japanese students, "salary man", freelance workers, and more!

Enjoy staying at our international dormitory. ^^


photo of tenshiba's guests