The guesthouse if it lives in Tokyo. "TenShiba Guesthous in Tokyo" is a guesthouse in Tokyo.

Open commemoration. It is 27,000 now yen for the first one month. Welcome.

Open price. TenShiba Guesthous in Tokyo is a guesthouse in Tokyo. 27,000 yen a month

Hello! We are TenShiba Guesthous in Tokyo, located in Waseda Shinjuku. We offer fun and enjoyable dormitory rooms (no private rooms!).
This area attracts artists, writers, and poets. Soseki Natsume, the author of Botchan, lived in this area. There is a slope called Natsumezaka, named after him. One of his best friends, Shiki Masaoka, who left many poems, lived in this area as well. Ryunosuke Akutagawa who wrote Rashomon, The Nose, or The Spider's Thread also lived in this area. Nowadays, Go Nagai, a cartoonist, and Boo Takagi, a comedian live in this area. If you wander around Takadanobaba station, you will find Tezuka production, the studio where Astro Boy was created. Cruise around and enjoy the town of literature and Manga.
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