The guesthouse if it lives in Tokyo. "TenShiba Flat" is a guesthouse in Tokyo.

Open commemoration. It is 27,000 now yen for the first one month. Welcome.

Open price. TenShiba Flat is a guesthouse in Tokyo. 27,000 yen a month

★Photos of inside the guest house★

Free wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) access.


30-tatami-mat size living room.

Large kitchen.

Four toilets, three showers.

One vending machine. All 100yen

Coin-operated washing machine (100yen).

Futon, pillow, and sheets are provided.

Comic books, novels, and many others.

Balcony on each floor.

You can hang your laundry to dry on the large roof top.

Meet lots of people from various countries and enjoy staying in Tokyo.